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07th January 2017 - WELLCOME - Comments -

Welcome to the Blog of the LAST WORKS. You can see all the blog or SELECT from the MENU to footer SPECIALTY / CATEGORY that most interests you (Wedding Photography, Portraits, Architecture and Interior Design, Advertising, Events, Fashion ... photographers since 1994). I hope you enjoy with news of Ibiza Photographers Studio. We are happy to assist you. Thanks for being here!!!

Alejandro Marí Escalera

Menu specialties ibiza professional photographer wedding portrait fashion interior decoration arquitecture nude

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Tips for choosing your wedding photographer. Wedding photographer in Ibiza and Formentera

05th January 2017 - WEDDING - Comments -

Now that you've decided to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza or Formentera, you've thought about every detail hoping and wishing that everything is perfect. One of the topics that I think deserves special attention is the election of the photographer, as it will bring together the best memories of that special and unique day. He is the faithful witness to all that you have prepared and all the emotions that you will live.

Your cousin is very nice ...

To begin with, and when choosing a photographer, do not make on a commitment to your cousin, who made a photography course a few months ago and just bought a camera in installments, to do the photo shoot you because, sure that will put all the love and be a wonderful person, but first, he will lack the necessary to deal with a report of weddings, with all that is special and unique (you can not, however you want, get a second chance taking pictures) and second, it will cost stay focused with all the family and friends nearby.

Cheaper Photographer for such a special day?

Do not settle hire the cheapest photographer but keep in its web some good pictures. Today many amateurs easily create a website and want to make extra money doing a report from time to time, but not have the necessary experience and have the proper equipment. Will you trust someone who comes with one camera to do your wedding report? Do You know how easy it is to fail the camera at the wrong time? Make sure you hire a true professional photographer with experience that will be your only guaranteed to have good pictures of your wedding.

Very nice but ...

Another issue to consider when you hire a photographer for your wedding is that there are apparently very professional companies with a magnificent web and a lovely image that promise you the moon and the stars, teach you some great albums with wonderful pictures, but the day of your wedding send a kid just inexperienced and untrained that with all good will just doing a report that does not look anything like what you were taught and which unfortunately can never living up to your expectations, goodbye to your dream to have a nice pictures of your wedding, goodbye to the beautiful memories. The best thing to do is make sure who will come and perform your story Weddings, who is a professional and much better if you can meet him before.

What landscapes so pretty!

It is true that some people make good pictures and beautiful landscapes, but a report of Weddings requires training, knowledge of the environment, poise at the right time, special equipment and experienced to not miss the most precious moments.

Never fails.

After these reflections I hope you consider my last tip; when in doubt, get carried away by something a photographer can not miss, and that to succeed in your choice think you should guide you, your intuition, they say that never fails;-)

I wish you good luck and happiness!!

Alejandro Marí Escalera


Wedding Photography in Ibiza. A special moment of the after wedding report at the beaches of Ibiza

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A Luxury Wedding Album. Wedding photographer in Ibiza

05th September 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

Your best wedding album

In Photography Studio Photographers Ibiza prepare your wedding album with love and dedication and with the same passion and originality with which we perform your Wedding photo report in Ibiza, Formentera or wherever you want to go. If you need a wedding photographer in September or October in Ibiza, you still have time to come and see our special wedding albums and reserve your date.

 Wedding album ibiza

You choose the photos for your Wedding Album

After making your photos on this special day, we prepare them, retouch and arrange them for you, so you can make the selection of the photographs that you like, and you want to share in your wedding album.


From your home you can follow the design of your album

We prepare online a private gallery for you including the design of your wedding album, so you can see the design and make the changes you need before sending it to some of the best companies of wedding albums in the world, located in Italy and which creates your albums by hand and with exceptional quality.


ibiza photographer

You wedding album to your liking

In our study of Photography in Santa Eulalia, one of the most beautiful areas of the island of Ibiza, we are committed to a professional photo shoot with the highest quality and guarantee for your memories of your wedding are the most beautiful and special. So we made your album by following your instructions and your tastes, and we bet for Luxe album, highest quality so you can always enjoy the best moments of your wedding.


Your wedding album where you you want

You can come and collect your wedding album to our studio once finished or if you prefer we will send it to you in any case be a pleasure to to make you happy giving yourself a bit of your best memories.


¡We wish you all happiness! and we will try to condense it on the pages of your Wedding Album Luxe


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Photo Shooting Post wedding on Ibiza beach. Ibiza photographer.

20th April 2018 - WEDDING - Comments -

(Post wedding photo shooting in Ibiza)The Post Wedding Report of Tania and José Carlos in Ibiza was a precious gift from their friends and a nice gift also for me. As a professional photographer in Ibiza, I use to live special moments on the beaches and magical places of the island. Once again, the sympathy and generosity of these bride and groom from Madrid who enjoy this photo shoot on one of the magnificent beaches of Ibiza at dawn, With a radiant sun awakening with sympathy and strength on the horizon, a calm sea that cradled the newlyweds and a golden sand, warm and pleasant. These photographs are a small sample of the fun moments of these boyfriends who chose Ibiza to have these memories of a unique and special day.

Alejandro Marí Escalera wedding photographer in Ibiza. www.fotografosibiza.com

Photographic studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza.

Beautiful moment of the bride and groom at dawn on the beaches of Ibiza. www.fotografosibiza.com

Photograph post wedding report in ibiza at sunrise.

Silhouette of the bride and groom at sunrise or sunset in Ibiza is always a beautiful image. Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

Funny moment of Tania and Jose Carlos on the beach

Photograph of the bride and groom on the sand

Photography of the bride and groom. Kiss at sunrise on Ibiza beach

Tania and José Carlos in their photographic report on a beautiful Ibiza beach

Reportaje fotográfico en la Playa. Tania y José Carlos diversión en el mar

Photography of weddings and post weddings in Ibiza. Photograph of the bride and groom on the beach

Photo session on the beach of santa eulalia del rio. Beautiful moments

Tania and José Carlos on the beach. www.fotografosibiza.com 

Photo of Tania dressed in white on the beach

The beautiful light of Ibiza illuminates the smile of Tania

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Retratos Fotográficos de Estudio en Ibiza. Natalia Recuenco

17th April 2018 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Exterior portrait photo shoot for flamenco dancer Natalia Recuenco. A magnificent dancer and also a great person. In this photo shoot in Ibiza we used a mixture of natural and artificial lights to create this special atmosphere. Natalia shows us her style and elegance in these photographs, with a great plasticity and strength in her movements and her look. For a photographer of portraits in Ibiza to take advantage of the locations and the landscapes that gives us the island is a great stimulus to take the equipment and the creativity out of the study. In the next post I will include photographs of the studio shooting that we made in my photography studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Thank you. Alejandro Marí Escalera IBIZA PHOTO STUDIO www.fotografosibiza.com 

Retrato fotográfico profesional en Ibiza de Natalia Recuenco

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Communion photographic report in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Anabel

11th April 2018 - COMMUNIONS - Comments -

In our Photo Studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio we love to make the best photographs to make children happy in an event so special for them as it is their First Communion. We do photo reports of communion in our studio or we move to the church, the beach, or any other place where they want to show off their elegant and fun clothes (costumes, dresses ...).

For a professional photographer in Santa Eulalia or San Carlos it is very gratifying to go and photograph in any of the many beautiful places we have in our town, from the wonderful Puig de Missa or the Santa Eulalia River walk, to the wonderfull beaches, to name just a few places.

To make some beautiful reminders of communion with those who can overcome their family and friends, we look for that special image that will entertain the youngest and that will please the grandparents.

In these photographs we can see the beautiful and nice Anabel in some photographs with which we later configured a magnificent Album of Communion.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Comunion photographer in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza


Anabel sonriente durante su reportaje de comunión

Reportaje de Comunión de Anabel el Es Puig de Missa de Santa Eularia

Anabel posando divertida durante su reportaje de comuniones en Santa Eulalia del Rio

Las niñas lucen preciosos vestidos en estas ocasiones

Anabel magnífica y divertida modelo en estas fotografías

Reportaje de Comunión de Anabel en la playa de Santa Eulalia

Anabel feliz en esta fotografía con su vestido de comunión

Fotografía de comuniones en Ibiza

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Architecture and Interior in Villa Frasesch, Ibiza. Photo Shot for advertising.

03rd April 2018 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

The advertising photographic report of this wonderfull Villa, situated in Cala San Vicente in Ibiza island, has been a real privilege. An architecture photographer in Ibiza enjoys doing his job whenever conditions are appropriate. This time the magnificent arrangement homeowners who beautifully decorated home, joined a wonderful sunny and bright day. Both the great outdoors, with pool, gardens and terraces; as its spacious interiors including 6 magnificent bedrooms and their bathrooms are tastefully created. The house is an impressive ibicenca house, thick walls hardened by time, memories of a rural past, but has been restored elegant and modern way. For a photographer from Ibiza, join a passion for photography so the weakness ancestral, merge to create this photo shoot from which these images are a small sample. By Alejandro Mari Escalera. Photographs Ibiza Professional Studio.

Photographys Villa in Ibiza

Frasesch House, luxury villa. Photographs Ibiza Studio

Detail of decoration Frasesch Villa in Ibiza

Pool sunset in Casa Frasesch. Fotografosibiza.com

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Workshops and photography talks for children in Ibiza. Santa Gertrudis College.

05th June 2017 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -

This week, among other activities, I have had the privilege of teaching  two photography workshop for sixth-graders at Santa Gertrudis School in Ibiza. Great students, applied, receptive and with an exquisite curiosity and education, guided by the excellent management team of the school and its teachers Neus and Albert, always favoring a teaching based on the creativity and the confidence and participation of its students. Thanks to Nica Seeleva for promoting these meetings framed in their cycle of workshops and conferences of art and culture for children. Alejandro Marí Escalera ibiza photographer. www.fotografosibiza.com 

El fotógrafo Alejandro Marí Escalera durante el Taller de fotografía en el Colegio de Santa Gertrudis. Fotografía de Neus

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26th May 2017 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -

Exposición Fotográfica "PATRIMONI 2017" de "Cursos Fotografía Ibiza" en el CEPA PITIÜSES (Ibiza, Calle Canarias 12) impartidos por el fotógrafo de Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera www.fotografosibiza.com 


Estupendo diseño de cartel de Marga Jarrin.

Laia Planells Lambert, Jose L. Rodríguez, Alicia Amor Martínez, Olga Pascual Pérez, Carme Torres Chorat, Marga Jarrin, Josep Boned Ferrer, Sara Cipriani, Marina Costa González, José Serra Guasch, Vicente Galve Cortés, Andrea Galve Millán, Lydia Cardona Roig, Paula Riera Boned , Marta Vázquez Gómez y Flori.


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Photographic portraits of Roxana Mouriño. Photographer of portraits in Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera

23rd May 2017 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

The photo shoot of the professional guitarist and vocalist Roxana Mouriño gave much of himself, being able to enjoy his sympathy, in addition to some notes played masterfully. The photography of artists in Ibiza, in this case musicians, is always a challenge and the temptation to go outside to photograph. On this occasion, we decided on a photo session in the studio of Santa Eulalia del Rio, where tranquility and control of light, allows us to shape the image to our liking.

It is a privilege for a professional photographer in Ibiza photograph in the etudio artists as this great guitarist of Galician origin, sweet voice and subtle and elegant touch, whose personal versions of well-known songs are so original and special as its own extraordinary songs.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza portrait photographer.


Roxana Mouriño professional portraits by Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

Roxana Mouriño posando con sus tres niñás favoritas

Portrait photography

Formentera best guitar player 

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Fashion photography in Ibiza. Amanoarte collection. Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

20th May 2017 - FASHION - Comments -

For a fashion photographer in Ibiza, the magic of this island, with its enclaves, landscapes and this wonderful light, is a real gift. If you also work with two splendid models and with such a charming team, the work becomes a blessing. It has been a real pleasure and privilege photography the Ibiza model Laura-Jane and model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares that astonish by its beauty, plasticity when dressing, and its enormous heart that overflows with sympathy.

A professional photographer in Ibiza should be surrounded by a good team, and in this case working with the experienced makeup artist Giusi Ferrato and the assistant photographer Beatrice, made the result considerably improved.

This time I had the great pleasure of photographing the fashion of Amanoarte, who works with the indigenous people of Mexico, creating a 100% fair trade favoring the integration and development of the indigenous communities, making it possible for their art and legacy to remain independent. Fashion of roots, mystical, ethical and organic.

Thanks to Itzel Navarro, who has done it possible, and is promoting and distributing these excellent garments, transformed into art, in Spain and soon, from the new website will be accessible throughout Europe.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographers Ibiza Studio www.fotografosibiza.com

Fashion shooting in Ibiza. Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

Laura-Jane model. Photo by Alejandro Marí Escalera

Fashion Shooting fashion, in ibiza for Amanoarte with the model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

Amanoarte fashion photography in Ibiza

Model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares

fashion photo studio in santa eulalia

Photography by www.fotografosibiza.com 

Fashion shooting on the beach for Amanoarte

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Wedding in Ibiza. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Professional Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

31st December 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

For a professional wedding photographer in Ibiza to photograph such a nice and fun partner like Elia and Tomeu, is all a gift, if that's you add the luxury of reportage in Ibiza, in a wonderful summer day in the Ibiza iconic castle in the capitluar room of City hall, and later, at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, then you can not fail to smile and give everything to make photographs that do justice to such splendor.

Wedding Elia and Tomeu in Ibiza was beautiful and fun, according to the personality of the couple who lavished sympathy throughout the day. I want to thank Elia and Tomeu, having trusted me to make their wedding report, and I hope happiness will always accompany them on the way. Alejandro Marí Escalera. Photography Studio Ibiza Photographers.

the bride finishes getting ready for wedding

preparing for her wedding in Ibiza

fotografía del padre de la novia entregándole el ramo

La novia lista para su boda en Ibiza

Boda de Elia y Tomeu en la Sala Capitular del Ayuntamiento de ibiza. Un lugar realmente especial para una boda

Just married kiss

Elia hugged by one of her bridesmaids

The bride and groom at the exit of the council with traditional music and dance of Ibiza

The always cheerful and friendly, Elia and Tomeu. Studio photographers Ibiza

Ibiza wedding photo

Special wedding in Ibiza

La Novia tan guapa con su ramo y su vestido

Funny Wedding Photography in Ibiza

Photography of brides in Ibiza. Alejandro Mari Escalera Ibiza photographer

Ibiza best wedding photo

Momento especial 

Intim moment in Elia and Tomeu wedding in Ibiza

La felicidad del novio delante de la Catedral de Ibiza

El simpático baile de Elia y Tomey el día de su Boda

Ella happiness, dancing on the walls of Castle of Ibiza

Detail Wedding Ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Detalle de la tarta 

El siempre divertido Tomeu

Elia y Tomeu fotografiados en el Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel

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Cursos de Fotografía en Ibiza. Cursos de Photoshop en Ibiza. CEPA PITIÜSES IBIZA 2016-2017

12th September 2016 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -








Ya puedes matricularte en los CURSOS DE FOTOGRAFÍA EN IBIZA 2016-2017 impartidos por Alejandro Marí Escalera en el CEPA PITIÜSES (Nueva dirección de la Escuela de Adultos: Escuela SA BODEGA, Calle Castilla esq. Calle Canarias, Eivissa)   Tlf: 971 305368

donde conseguirás desarrollar tu creatividad aprendiendo a manejar tu cámara y conociendo técnicas que mejorarán tus fotografías y te permitirán expresarte con tus imágenes, comunicándo emociones, ideas...y compartiendo con personas que tienen tus mismos gustos y aficiones



¡Plazas limitadas!

Ahora puedes matricularte también ONLINE AQUÍ

Ahora puedes matricularte también ONLINE AQUÍ





A tu gusto con Horario de MAÑANA o horario  de TARDE. Tú eliges el horario que mejor te va. Lo importante es sacarle patido a tu cámara y aprender a mejorar tus fotografías. Incluido en el Curso una parte de Introducción al Retoque de Fotos con Photoshop.

HORARIOS (Elige): Lunes 09:30 a 11:30 h o Jueves 16:00 a 18:00 h)

Información de los Cursos de Fotografia en Ibiza impartidos por Alejandro Marí Escalera 2016 2017

INÍCIO: Octubre (50 horas)


 - Es el momento de que aprendas  a manejar tu cámara fotográfica pero también todas las cámaras que caigan en tus manos...

 - Consigue ahora la técnica fotográfica para hacer las fotos como tú quieres...

 - Sorprende a tus amigos creando  fotografías con una composición atractiva y sorprendente

 - Disfruta retocando tus fotos con Photoshop

 - Practica con tus compañeros durante las clases prácticas

 - Aprende a desarrollar una exposción fotográfica con tus fotografías y las de tus compañeros

CURSO DE FOTOGRAFÍA en  Santa Eulalia del Rio 

A tu gusto con Horario de MAÑANA o de TARDE . Elige el horario que más te convenga y aprende fotografía.

HORARIO:  Martes 16:00 a 18 h)

INÍCIO: Octubre. (50 horas)


Aprender fotografia en Ibiza. Escuela de fotografia CEPA PITIUSES IBIZA

 - Es el momento de que aprendas  a manejar tu cámara fotográfica pero también cualquier otra cámara que caiga en tus manos...

 - Aprende ahora la técnica fotográfica para hacer las fotos como tú quieres...

 - Sorprende a tus amigos creando  fotografías con una composición atractiva

 - Disfruta desarrollando tu creatividad 

 - Practica con tus compañeros durante las clases prácticas

 - Aprende a montar una exposción fotográfica con tus compañeros


HORARIOS:  Jueves de 09:30  a 11:30 h)
Curso de Photoshop en Ibiza. Retocar fotografias
INÍCIO:  Octubre (14 horas)

- Aprende a manejar Photoshop

- Sorprende a tus amigos retocando tus fotografías

- Disfruta mejorando tus imágenes

- Haz montajes con tus fotos

- Maneja los distintos formatos digitales

- Ponle tu firma o textos a tus fotografías

- Desarrolla tu imaginación





Matrícula en la Escuela CEPA PITIüSES de Ibiza (Nueva sede en Escuela Sa Bodega de Ibiza, Calle Castilla esquina Calle Canarias, Ibiza) Tlf: 971 305368

              (Para matricularte sólo tienes que llevar una foto carnet y fotocopia de tu identificación (DNI, Pasaporte, Residente...)

Horario de Matrícula: Lunes Miércoles y Viernes de 11 a 13 h. Martes y Jueves de 18 a 20 h

Precios:  Curso de Fotografía + Início Photoshop: 180 €

               Curso de Photoshop: 90 €

Sólo necesitas para el Curso: Ganas de aprender fotografía y material para tomar apuntes. Trae también tu cámara, sea cual sea, aunque si dispones de una cámara con opción "Manual" mejor. En caso de que no tengas cámara, no te preocupes, podrás practicar con las cámaras que tenemos en clase. 


El profesor Alejandro Marí Escalera es fotógrafo profesional con 20 años de experiéncia, es miembro de la Asociació de Fotógrafos Profesionales de España (AFP) donde ha formado parte de su directiva y ha recibido premios nacionales en internacionales entre los que figura el Premio LUX ORO de fotografía profesional. Puedes ver sus trabajos y consultar su currículum en www.fotografosibiza.com 

¡¡¡Descubre ahora al fotógrafo que llevas dentro!!!



Más información en este enlace 

y en cursos@fotografosibiza.com 

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CASTING FOR ADVERTISING AND FASHION MODELS. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers

07th September 2016 - FASHION - Comments -

CASTING for fashion and advertising. We are looking for models for fashion photo shoot and photo shoot for advertising in Ibiza. Girls and guys aged 18 to 35 years. Paid jobs (Residents in the Pitiusas or are in Ibiza during the months of September-October). Interested send proposal (Curriculum and description) with link and / or photo book to casting@fotografosibiza.com.
Thank you. 

Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer www.fotografosibiza.com

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Fashion photo shoot in Ibiza

03rd September 2016 - FASHION - Comments -

Here you can see some of the pictures for the fashion book in Ibiza of Gonzalo. Gonzalo Fernández is a multifaceted and sculptural model that was giving us scenes and expressions that dazzled to the camera, in the seascapes of our beaches of Santa Eulalia. As a fashion photographer in Ibiza, working with models that bring us so magnificently his great personality and his style is a joy, making each scene will become an exciting new photographic experience. For this photo shoot in Ibiza I counted with an assistant luxury photographer, my friend Mac Ragasa, whose contribution was essential for these pictures. Alejandro Marí Escalera www.fotografosibiza.com

Gonzalo por Alejandro Marí Escalera fotografo ibiza

Photo Model photography in Ibiza beach

La elegancia de Gonzalo luciendo magníficamente el vestuario para esta fotografía de moda en Ibiza

Reportaje fotográfico del modelo Gonzalo en la playa

Estudio de fotografía en Ibiza trabajando en exteriores

Contraste entre la piel y la roca en este retrato del Book de Gonzalo en la playa

En nuestro Estudio de fotografía es un privilegio trabajar para modelos tan expresivos

En el retrato fotográfico la mirada del modelo imprime caracter a la fotografía

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18th July 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

One of the photography services we offer to our wedding couples is the possibility of a prewedding or postwedding photoshoot.

In Ibiza and Formentera we have the great privilege of having over 300 days of sunshine per year, which is why we go out and enjoy nature, beaches, fields and give free rein to our imagination with special pictures. These photographs can be included in the Wedding Album, or can even project on a screen the guests the day of the wedding. This is the case of Veronica and Quique, these cute, trendy and young bride and groom whom I have had the pleasure to speak in this Blog about their special pictures of their wedding in Ibiza.

For a photographer of Ibiza, there is a place you always want to go back to take that picture you imagined in your best dreams, it is so close, that we can almost touch when we look out to sea, but that in turn is so far, because emotionally (at least in my case) we return into truly special moments, like a nirvana reached after the deepest meditation. The place that I'm talking about is Formentera, the island that for some is the last paradise of the Mediterranean sea and whose smell of salt and rosemary transports us to a world of sun and wild nature, refreshed by blue and turquoise cristaline waters. At this location we enjoyed taking pictures of Veronica and Quique in special places on the island, with a really nice weather, and ending with a nice swim in its beaches. Thank you Vero and Quique. By Alejandro Marí Escalera. Studio Ibiza Photographers

wedding in formetera

Detalle de Boda en la playa Illetas de Formentera

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Photo report. SS Sakya Trizin visit Spain. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographers Ibiza

08th July 2016 - EVENTS - Comments -

IBIZA PHOTOGRAPHERS STUDIO. At the International Center for Buddhist Studies (CIDEB) in Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain. Has taken place the visit and teachings by H.H. Sakya Trizin in Spain. H.H. is the Sakya lineage holder, is the most important Buddhist Lama large hierarchy after the Dalai Lama. I have had the great privilege of making this photo report during events they have done. The full photo shoot can watch it here.  Magnificient organization of the event by the Venerable Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen and CIDEB team and volunteers. For the happiness of all beings. Thankyou. Alejandro Marí Escalera www.fotografosibiza.com 

Fundacion Sakya Pedreguer SAKYA TRIZIN. Alejandro Marí Escalera Fotógrafo Ibiza.

Buda Shakyamuni en el CIDEB

Centro Internacional de Estudios Budistas (CIDEB) en Pedreguer, Alicante, España

HH Sakya Trizin and Lama Rinchen Gyaltzen. Budish Center

Gompa in Sakya Fundation in Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain during HH Sakya Trizin teachings

HH Sakya Trizin Budish head in Spain. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza photographer

Portrait. Ibiza Photographers Studio

HH SAKYA TRIZIN portrait in Spain. Photo by Alejandro Marí Escalera Fotografos Ibiza

Group photograph during the Teachings of HH Sakya Trizin in CIDEB Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain. Ibiza photographer

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Photography Events & Incentives in Ibiza. Nassau Beach Tanit Ibiza and La Escollera. Professional photographer in Ibiza

04th July 2016 - EVENTS - Comments -

These photographs Event in Ibiza are examples of the celebration that made the ProVoyages Agency for Banque Privee Gresham in Ibiza and I had the pleasure of photographing. The organization by ProVoyages in Nassau Tanit Ibiza and La Escollera Ibiza was impeccable and the participants enjoyed excellent deal, tasting delicious dishes and music for all tastes by DJ Dani and his team Discomovil Ibiza. Photography incentive in Ibiza is one of our specialties, carefully organizing photo shoots for every moment of our clients is reflected in magnificent photographs. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Studio Photographs

Incentive photo in Nassau Tanit Ibiza

Fotografía para eventos en Nassau Tanit Ibiza

Fotografía de DJ Dani Pérez de Discomovil Ibiza en Nassau Tanit Ibiza

Fotografías curiosas de eventos en Ibiza

Fotografo de Eventos e Incentivos en Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza

Fotografía del Evento en Nassau Tanit Ibiza

Fotografo profesional para eventos e incentivos en La Escollera Ibiza y en Nassau Tanit Ibiza

Fotografia de incentivos para empresas en Ibiza

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Article in the Journal of Ibiza on our reports Wedding Ibiza. Studio Photography FOTOGRAFOSIBIZA.COM

05th May 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

In this link you can read an article in the Journal of Ibiza where expose our way of making photographic reportage wedding in Ibiza, in addition to the services we offer for all couples that decide to get married in Ibiza, or Santa Eulalia, or St. Carlos or Formentera, or ... in our photo studio in Santa Eulalia, ibiza, are always ready to travel to the place wherever you wish realize your wedding. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer of Ibiza.


Special Wedding Photography in Ibiza. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer. Mention at the International Color Awards Photography

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Professional photographer for portraits in Ibiza. Special Mention at the International Color Awards for Alejandro Marí Escalera

28th April 2016 - AWARDS - Comments -

I have had the privilege of receiving a special mention at the International Color Awards, in the category of Professional Portrait. The photograph has been nominated for a photographic portrait of Nora Cismaru done in my photo studio Santa Eulalia, on the island of Ibiza. For a professional photographer in Ibiza be nominated for an international award like this, in which there have been more than 50,000 photographs, it is a huge privilege encouraged to continue making new proposals. Thank you very much to Nora Cismaru for their creative contributions. More information on this link Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer of Ibiza.

Alejandro Marí Escalera nominated for photography awards

Nora Cismaru photographic portrait in the Studio photography in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

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Photos interior and architecture in Apartment in Ibiza. Photographs Ibiza Studio

28th April 2016 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

In this photo shoot interior design and decoration for commercial advertising you can see photographs of the interiors and terraces with views this gorgeous apartment in the area of Marina Botafoch Ibiza. For a professional photographer in Ibiza it is always a privilege to photograph villas, houses and apartments with this exquisite light that the island gives us. This time, the photographs in this great apartment could also photograph by nightfall, where the great decor and strategically placed lights create a very special atmosphere. From the Study of Photography in Santa Eulalia, we specialize in architecture and interior design reports, always trying spaces of our customers with the care and professionalism they deserve, and that allows us to take pictures as you can see here. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers.

Fotografía de la terraza del apartamento en Ibiza

Fotografía de la terraza al atardecer frente al Hotel Pacha de Ibiza

Photograph Jacuzzi on the terrace. Apartment in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

La iluminación acorde con un estilo moderno y acogedor en esta fotografía del apartamento en Ibiza

professional photography of the interior and the terrace of the apartment in Ibiza

inside photo in whitte and blue

Ibiza photo studio for inside photography

architectural detail of the terrace in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

spacious and comfortable terrace

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Book de Comuniones y Bautizos de Izan y Naiara. Estudio de Fotografía en Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

15th March 2016 - COMMUNIONS - Comments -

The Book of Communions of Naiara in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, has been very special and fun as we make photographs with his brother Izan, who will receive his baptism in the church of Es Puig de Missa in Santa Eulalia the same day his sister makes her first communion. Make a report of Communion and Report Baptismal at the same time is an adventure and satisfaction, photographing these cute and handsome brothers on the beach or in the studio photography I have in Santa Eulalia del Rio, one of the villages most beautiful and welcoming Ibiza.

A professional photographer in Ibiza always has the beauty of the beaches and fields, watered almost always a very special light. This time we enjoyed a wonderful day to take pictures of Naiara and Izan outdoors, and then finished the photo shoot in the studio with some fun pictures for the Book and reminders. Thanks to Izan and Naiara and their parents for a photo shoot so nice and entertaining. Alejandro Marí Escalera

Izan y Naiara en la playa

Izan y Naiara divertidos en la igiesia de Es Puig de Missa

Besito cariñoso de hermanos

Naiara jugando en la playa con su vestido de comunión

Izan jugando en la playa con su traje de comunión

Fotografía de los niños frente al mar

Naiara corriendo sobre la arena en esta foto para su book de comunión

Retrato de Estudio de Naiara vestida para su Comunión en Santa Eulalia

Retrato de Estudio de Izan y Naiara jugando

Estudio de Fotografía en Santa Eulalia. Fotografía de Estudio de Izan y Naiara

Retrato fotográfico de Naiara e Izan en el Estudio de Fotografía de Alejandro Mari Escalera en Ibiza

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Photographer Communions in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, in San Carlos. Photography studio

03rd February 2016 - COMMUNIONS - Comments -

Sorry, we are now working on translating to offer a better service. Thank you


Página del Álbum de Comunión de Sonia en Santa Eulalia

Sonia muy feliz y sonriente durante la sesión de fotos en la Iglesia de Es Puig de Missa

feliz Sonia en las fotografias de comunion

Sonia posando sonriente durante la sesión fotográfica

En los álbumes de comunión podemos hacer muy variados diseños

tu eliges las fotos de comunión que quieres poner en el Álbum

para un fotografo profesional para comuniones es un lujo fotografiar a una modelo como Sonia

Los recordatorios de Comunión de Juanmi en Santa Eulalia

Magnífico modelo Juanmi posando para su book de comunión

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27th January 2016 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -

Ya puedes matricularte en los CURSOS DE FOTOGRAFÍA EN IBIZA Y en SANTA EULALIA y en los CURSOS DE PHOTOSHOP EN IBIZA Impartidos por el fotógrafo profesional Alejandro Marí Escalera  (www.fotografosibiza.com )

A partir de febrero de 2016 en la ESCUELA DE ADULTOS CEPA PITIÜSES de Ibiza.



Taller de fotografia en santa eulalia



¡Aprende a manejar tu cámara fotográfica!

¡Prepárate a conocer personas con tus mismas aficiones!

¡Desarrolla tu parte creativa y disfruta!

¡Aprende fotografía de la mano de un fotógrafo profesional!


Curso de FOTOGRAFÍA MAÑANAS (16 horas) MIÉRCOLES. 09:30 a 11:30 h. INÍCIO Febrero 2016 (80 €)

informacion de los Cursos de fotografia de santa eulalia


- Ha llegado el momento de que aprendas a manejar tu cámara fotográfica y también todas las cámaras que caigan en tus manos...

- Consigue ahora la técnica fotográfica para hacer las fotos como tú quieres...

- Sorprende a tus amigos creando fotografías con una composición atractiva y sorprendente

- Disfruta creando imágenes especiales

- Practica con tus compañeros durante las clases prácticas

- Aprende a desarrollar tu creatividad


Curso de FOTOGRAFÍA TARDES (16 horas) MARTES. 16:00 a 18:00 h. INÍCIO Febrero 2016 (80 €)

grupo de alumnos del curso de fotografía de ibiza


- Descubre y aprende como manejar tu cámara fotográfica

- Conoce la técnica para hacer mejores fotografías

- Desarrolla tu creaitivad con la cámara

- Disfruta creando magníficos recuerdos con tus imágenes



Taller de photoshop en eivissa

RCOLES 16:00 a 18:00 h. INÍCIO Febrero 2016 (80 €)


- Disfruta retocando tus fotos con Photoshop- Sorprende a tus amigos creando fotografías con una composición atractiva

- Retoca tus imágenes para realzar su belleza

- Realiza montajes fotográficos y sorprende con tus fotos


Curso de FOTOGRAFÍA SANTA EULALIA TARDES (16 horas) VIERNES. 16:00 a 18:00 h. INÍCIO Febrero 2016 (80 €)

Plazas limitadas. ¡¡¡Matrícúlate ahora!!!


EMAIL DE CONTACTO: cursos@fotografosibiza.com




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19th January 2016 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -


En la ESCUELA de Adultos CEPA PITIÜSES de Ibiza y de Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Los Cursos y Talleres de fotografía y Edición con Photoshop Impartidos por el fotógrafo Alejandro Marí Escalera

INÍCIO DE LOS CURSOS EN FEBRERO 2016. Horarios de mañana y de tarde


¡Sácale más partido a tu cámara fotográfica!
¡Prepárate a conocer personas con tus mismas aficiones!
¡Desarrolla tu parte creativa y disfruta!
¡Aprende fotografía de la mano de un fotógrafo profesional!

¡Retoca tus fotografías para hacerlas más atractivas!


EMAIL DE CONTACTO: cursos@fotografosibiza.com

Más información en este enlace 


Plazas limitadas. ¡¡¡Matrícúlate ya!!!

Informacion de los cursos y talleres de fotografia en ibiza


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