Tips for choosing your wedding photographer. Wedding photographer in Ibiza and Formentera

01 February 2022 - WEDDING - Comments -

Now that you've decided to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza or Formentera, you've thought about every detail hoping and wishing that everything is perfect. One of the topics that I think deserves special attention is the election of the photographer, as it will bring together the best memories of that special and unique day. He is the faithful witness to all that you have prepared and all the emotions that you will live.

Your cousin is very nice ...

To begin with, and when choosing a photographer, do not make on a commitment to your cousin, who made a photography course a few months ago and just bought a camera in installments, to do the photo shoot you because, sure that will put all the love and be a wonderful person, but first, he will lack the necessary to deal with a report of weddings, with all that is special and unique (you can not, however you want, get a second chance taking pictures) and second, it will cost stay focused with all the family and friends nearby.

Cheaper Photographer for such a special day?

Do not settle hire the cheapest photographer but keep in its web some good pictures. Today many amateurs easily create a website and want to make extra money doing a report from time to time, but not have the necessary experience and have the proper equipment. Will you trust someone who comes with one camera to do your wedding report? Do You know how easy it is to fail the camera at the wrong time? Make sure you hire a true professional photographer with experience that will be your only guaranteed to have good pictures of your wedding.

Very nice but ...

Another issue to consider when you hire a photographer for your wedding is that there are apparently very professional companies with a magnificent web and a lovely image that promise you the moon and the stars, teach you some great albums with wonderful pictures, but the day of your wedding send a kid just inexperienced and untrained that with all good will just doing a report that does not look anything like what you were taught and which unfortunately can never living up to your expectations, goodbye to your dream to have a nice pictures of your wedding, goodbye to the beautiful memories. The best thing to do is make sure who will come and perform your story Weddings, who is a professional and much better if you can meet him before.

What landscapes so pretty!

It is true that some people make good pictures and beautiful landscapes, but a report of Weddings requires training, knowledge of the environment, poise at the right time, special equipment and experienced to not miss the most precious moments.

Never fails.

After these reflections I hope you consider my last tip; when in doubt, get carried away by something a photographer can not miss, and that to succeed in your choice think you should guide you, your intuition, they say that never fails;-)

I wish you good luck and happiness!!

Ibiza beach wedding phtographer

Wedding Photography in Ibiza. A special moment of the after wedding report at the beaches of Ibiza

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A Luxury Wedding Album. Wedding photographer in Ibiza

20 April 2019 - WEDDING - Comments -

Your best wedding album

In Photography Studio Photographers Ibiza prepare your wedding album with love and dedication and with the same passion and originality with which we perform your Wedding photo report in Ibiza, Formentera or wherever you want to go. If you need a wedding photographer in September or October in Ibiza, you still have time to come and see our special wedding albums and reserve your date.

 Wedding album ibiza

You choose the photos for your Wedding Album

After making your photos on this special day, we prepare them, retouch and arrange them for you, so you can make the selection of the photographs that you like, and you want to share in your wedding album.


From your home you can follow the design of your album

We prepare online a private gallery for you including the design of your wedding album, so you can see the design and make the changes you need before sending it to some of the best companies of wedding albums in the world, located in Italy and which creates your albums by hand and with exceptional quality.


ibiza photographer

You wedding album to your liking

In our study of Photography in Santa Eulalia, one of the most beautiful areas of the island of Ibiza, we are committed to a professional photo shoot with the highest quality and guarantee for your memories of your wedding are the most beautiful and special. So we made your album by following your instructions and your tastes, and we bet for Luxe album, highest quality so you can always enjoy the best moments of your wedding.


Your wedding album where you you want

You can come and collect your wedding album to our studio once finished or if you prefer we will send it to you in any case be a pleasure to to make you happy giving yourself a bit of your best memories.


¡We wish you all happiness! and we will try to condense it on the pages of your Wedding Album Luxe


Album de Bodas Ibiza
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Photo Shooting Post wedding on Ibiza beach. Ibiza photographer.

05 April 2023 - WEDDING - Comments -

(Post wedding photo shooting in Ibiza)The Post Wedding Report of Tania and José Carlos in Ibiza was a precious gift from their friends and a nice gift also for me. As a professional photographer in Ibiza, I use to live special moments on the beaches and magical places of the island. Once again, the sympathy and generosity of these bride and groom from Madrid who enjoy this photo shoot on one of the magnificent beaches of Ibiza at dawn, With a radiant sun awakening with sympathy and strength on the horizon, a calm sea that cradled the newlyweds and a golden sand, warm and pleasant. These photographs are a small sample of the fun moments of these boyfriends who chose Ibiza to have these memories of a unique and special day.

Alejandro Marí Escalera wedding photographer in Ibiza.

Photographic studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza.

ibiza portrait and wedding photography

Beautiful moment of the bride and groom at dawn on the beaches of Ibiza.

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Wedding in Ibiza. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Professional Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

31 December 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

For a professional wedding photographer in Ibiza to photograph such a nice and fun partner like Elia and Tomeu, is all a gift, if that's you add the luxury of reportage in Ibiza, in a wonderful summer day in the Ibiza iconic castle in the capitluar room of City hall, and later, at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, then you can not fail to smile and give everything to make photographs that do justice to such splendor.

Wedding Elia and Tomeu in Ibiza was beautiful and fun, according to the personality of the couple who lavished sympathy throughout the day. I want to thank Elia and Tomeu, having trusted me to make their wedding report, and I hope happiness will always accompany them on the way. Alejandro Marí Escalera. Photography Studio Ibiza Photographers.

Wedding bride photography

the bride finishes getting ready for wedding

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18 July 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

One of the photography services we offer to our wedding couples is the possibility of a prewedding or postwedding photoshoot.

In Ibiza and Formentera we have the great privilege of having over 300 days of sunshine per year, which is why we go out and enjoy nature, beaches, fields and give free rein to our imagination with special pictures. These photographs can be included in the Wedding Album, or can even project on a screen the guests the day of the wedding. This is the case of Veronica and Quique, these cute, trendy and young bride and groom whom I have had the pleasure to speak in this Blog about their special pictures of their wedding in Ibiza.

For a photographer of Ibiza, there is a place you always want to go back to take that picture you imagined in your best dreams, it is so close, that we can almost touch when we look out to sea, but that in turn is so far, because emotionally (at least in my case) we return into truly special moments, like a nirvana reached after the deepest meditation. The place that I'm talking about is Formentera, the island that for some is the last paradise of the Mediterranean sea and whose smell of salt and rosemary transports us to a world of sun and wild nature, refreshed by blue and turquoise cristaline waters. At this location we enjoyed taking pictures of Veronica and Quique in special places on the island, with a really nice weather, and ending with a nice swim in its beaches. Thank you Vero and Quique. By Alejandro Marí Escalera. Studio Ibiza Photographers

Ibiza photo wedding

wedding in formetera

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Article in the Journal of Ibiza on our reports Wedding Ibiza. Studio Photography FOTOGRAFOSIBIZA.COM

05 May 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

In this link you can read an article in the Journal of Ibiza where expose our way of making photographic reportage wedding in Ibiza, in addition to the services we offer for all couples that decide to get married in Ibiza, or Santa Eulalia, or St. Carlos or Formentera, or ... in our photo studio in Santa Eulalia, ibiza, are always ready to travel to the place wherever you wish realize your wedding. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer of Ibiza. 

Ibiza wedding by the sea

Special Wedding Photography in Ibiza. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer. Mention at the International Color Awards Photography

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Wedding photo shoot on the beach in Ibiza. Under the sea pictures Ibiza

11 January 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

A happy bride and groom are the essence of a good original photo shoot. Getting Monica and Giuseppe have wonderful memories forever your wedding in Ibiza and the subsequent wedding photoshoot on the beach, was my main motivation for those days.

Monica and Giuseppe were very clear that they wanted to integrate his hobby, scuba diving, in his photographs of wedding photo session in Ibiza, and so we all ended up on the beach, enjoying a fun and very special photo shooting under the sea of Ibiza, of which rescued here to illustrate this love these wonderful boyfriends profess. Monica and Giuseppe Thanks for inviting me to to participate in your happiness. Alejandro Marí Escalera

photo shooting in ibiza beach. Wedding photographer

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Wedding photo report in Ibiza whith Yolanda y Oscar

23 June 2015 - WEDDING - Comments -

If in a previous post ye could see the original report prewedding we did in my photo studio Santa Eulalia with the charismatic and sympathetic couple Yolanda and Oscar, here we can see some moments of their wonderful wedding in Ibiza, concretely in the church of San Rafael and Cas Mila Restaurant on the beach of Cala Tarida. As a photographer I have to say that it has been fun and rewarding to work with Yolanda and Oscar, because their sympathy and creativity with many ideas and expressions that enrich photographs, and allow then enjoy a magnificent wedding story. I am personally delighted to have met them. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

special Wedding

Preparing the groom

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Wedding. After Wedding Ana and Antonio in Ibiza. Photos on the beach.

27 November 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

What fun the after wedding professional photo shoot of Anna and Antonio on the beach! Ibiza surprises everyone who visit us for the first time, and so happened to Anna and Antonio. They threw themselves into the adventure to organize their wedding in Ibiza when they never have been here before, encouraged by the impulse of new experiences, surrounded by their best friends and family. The Wedding in Ibiza was great in every sense, funny, emotive and exquisite, although i will share some of the pictures of that wonderful day, in this post I am showing you some photographs of the post wedding photo shoot on the beach we did two days later when the couple began to recover from intense day and wedding night. Ana and Antonio gave us some original and very special photographs on the beach in Ibiza, where we enjoyed a wonderful sunset worthy of a friendly and pleasant couple of those kind of people you say, without fear being wrong, they are good people! and I wish them all the happiness in their new life together. Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer.

After wedding on the beach

Ana y Antonio diversión en la playa de Ibiza

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Pre Wedding Yolanda and Oscar in Ibiza. Photography Study Photographs Ibiza

03 September 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

The Photo Studio Ibiza Photographs we love to unleash creativity, inviting our customers to contribute whith their ideas and their enthusiasm for together, developing photographs that provide freshness and originality. Yolanda and Oscar gave me a lesson in humility, sympathy and imagination in their prewedding photo session in the studio, where based on the hobby of Oscar collecting sneakers, we conducted a series of imaginative photographs. Each photograph was taken with one of the pairs of shoes selected by Oscar and Yolanda from his collection, and staging a story that would later serve to name each of the guest tables at the wedding which took place at Restaurant Cas Mila Cala Tarida, Ibiza. Each photograph was in the center of the tables to indicate where guests had booked their place. This was one of the nice details in this original and funny wedding in Ibiza. All happiness for the newlyweds Yolanda and Oscar. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer Ibiza

Special Wedding in Ibiza

Oscar showed he is fit while the photo shoot in the studio

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Wedding in Ibiza. Lorena and Juan Carlos by te sea

08 May 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Studio Ibiza Photographers. Lorena and Juan Carlos always come with a friendly smile, the kind that make you feel comfortable, and you feel you are in the company of good people. We talked at length about their wedding in Ibiza, on such special details that Lorena is well thought out, and later, on wedding day, I will have the pleasure to rescue with my camera to make them real, like emotional dreams that we can then see as images.

Front of a large dedication and enthusiasm as Lorena and Juan Carlos, my answer as a professional photographer, is absolutely commit myself to their vision and make mine their ideas and emotions. In this way, get with the delicacy of a modest craftsman, but with the power of a warrior in the fight, to give way to the magical and unique moments that will happen during their wedding. They say that life gives second chances, but in this case we only have an opportunity and we will take advantage of.

I already had the pleasure of meeting Lorena, excellent student of my photography courses in the CEPA PITIUSES of Ibiza, and now, after meeting Juan Carlos and being able to share with them a special day and before and after preparation with Photo album design, I can say that I feel united to them with a special affection, I greatly appreciate the confidence and deep affection and sympathy. Best wishes to Lorena and John Carlos.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

Wedding by the sea of Ibiza

Kiss under the sky of Ibiza

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Photo report postboda on the Beach. Cala d'Hort Ibiza

22 April 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Studio Photographers Ibiza. After their wonderful wedding on the beach in Ibiza, Juanjo and Yeleny wanted to indulge themselves a photo shoot postboda in one of the magical spots of Ibiza. They felt attracted by the majesty of Es Vedra, both for its enigmatic beauty, like the legends and mysteries that surround it. They chose the Beach of Cala d'Hort to seal their union in front of the rock that causes much intrigue to its visitors. All photographers, professional or not, have rendered homage in any occasion with our camera to the vast stone, raised in the middle of the sea, inviting us to dream and look for an image that does justice to nature itself. In this case, I was swept away by the vehemence of Yeleny and Juanjo, I let myself carry their dreams, putting my camera, my mind and my imagination for their wishes, letting the sea and sun cradled these newlyweds, at the ever lurking look of Es Vedra. By Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Postboda Yeleny-3561
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Photographers Ibiza. Beach Wedding, Yeleny and Juanjo.

27 March 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Being a professional photographer in Ibiza allows you to work with lovely people and wonderful places. Getting up early, deep breathing and preparing the for the wedding photographic equipment, with the illusion that you're going to participate in one of the happiest days in the life of two people, and you're going to be active witness of that joy. Yeleny and Juanjo are a sample of those couples that make you feel good from the first moment, they value your work and dedication you put it on each time. A sweet, friendly and full of personality Cuban. A northernbig boy, polished and with character, pamplonicas deep roots. nice and very friendly in dealing both. United in marriage in a magical place such as Pura Vida Ibiza, at Playa Niu Blau. That day I have the great fortune to be there with my camera, dedicated to capturing the moments, unrepeatable, special, emotional and unique, capturing for our fragile memories, those pictures that will later be more than memories, emotions and experiences that with the passing of time will water our hearts with longing and joy and that will be the sign of a dream realized and a commitment of two persons with LIFE. These images are a humble example of that day. By Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Ibiza fotografo playa Pura Vida (2 de 5)
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Wedding in Na Xamena, Ibiza. Mari Loli and Sebastián

28 February 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Occasionally life makes us happy day. A professional photographer makes us happy day, allowing us to photograph the beauty external, but also the most beautiful, the beauty that comes from within, that you catch with your camera as bursts of light, but that emerge from one's beauty inside of people, nature, place ... is all mixed in a "cocktail of sweet taste" that can only occur at that time. In our new Blog, I like to rescue some of those sensations that I keep in form of photographs, and sharing them again. When Mari Loli and Sebastian, a friendly Andalusians who wanted to celebrate their wedding in Ibiza hired me to create their reportage I could not imagine I would enjoy both, with the passing of time, recovering emotions. The wedding was held in Na Xamena (Hotel Hacienda) in Ibiza, and we had a wonderful gift, as poignant sunset, surrounded us throughout the ceremony. Here you have a sample of the photographs that I was privileged to make that special June day. By Alejandro Marí Escalera

Ibiza photography

Wedding Sunset in Ibiza

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Wedding of Veronica and Quique in Ibiza

25 January 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

How wonderful the wedding of Veronica and Quique in Ibiza! When Veronica and Quique came to visit me from Formentera they were looking for a professional photographer for their wedding in Ibiza, I was struck by the contrast between his seriousness as clients (they knew what they wanted, they wanted something special and were to be picky) and sympathy and kindness as people (happy, sensitive and polite). We set out to detail we plan the wedding day, but also a prewedding photo shoot in the beautiful beaches of Formentera (I'll put those pictures in another post).

The wedding day dawned splendid light and colors and gave us some wonderful pictures of the bride and groom preparing for the ceremony. Following the emotive ceremony the evening discovered us photographing intimate moments of Vero and Quique in in the river of Santa Eulalia and getting dark already under the arches of the church they gave me this kiss to my collection of favorite photographs.

Here is a sampling of the photos I had the great pleasure and privilege to be able to capture with my camera the day of the Wedding of Vero and Quique, but for me the most important thing is to have been able to spend with them that special day. More than pictures, I take wonderful sensations. By Mari Alejandro Escalera.


Ibiza Wedding of Veronica and Quique. Placing the veil

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Wedding photographs at the beach in Ibiza. Paloma and Santi

22 July 2013 - WEDDING - Comments -

Wedding on the beach of Es Cavallet in Ibiza with Paloma and Santi was the funniest and most endearing. For a professional photographer, looking for special moments and capturing light that occurs in them is the most difficult but also the most interesting. Find those special moments is simple and very pleasant, with boyfriends so nice and sympathetic as Paloma and Santi. Getting married on the beaches of Ibiza was the desire of these lovers who from beyond the seas came to the island with the desire to make their dream come true, and I had the great fortune and privilege to participate in such a special day by immortalizing the greatest moments with my camera. Thanks to Paloma and Santi for trusting me. By Alejandro Mari Escalera

Wedding in Ibiza Beach

Wedding in Ibiza Paloma and Santi. Photography in Es Cavallet Beach

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Wedding in Ibiza. Ana and Juan Carlos

09 July 2013 - WEDDING - Comments -

Wedding photographs of Ana and Juan Carlos in Ibiza. A treat for a photographer to capture those wonderful moments. Congratulations and thanks.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera

Fotografo Boda Ibiza
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Wedding photographer in Ibiza. Itziar and Manuel wedding

07 July 2013 - WEDDING - Comments -

When I spoke with Itziar and Manuel who called me from Madrid looking for a wedding photographer in Ibiza I could not even imagine that thanks to sympathetic complicity that I had with them I could get a few images that I would subsequently awarded diploma of finalist of the LUX prize of photography, the most important competition of Spain in relation to professional photography. These are some photographs that I had the pleasure of performing and who won the award with the title "the wedding dresses alone". Thanks to the enormous generosity Itziar and Manuel squander constantly I rescue those special moments. In another post I will include more photographs, because the wedding gave to include a lot of good pictures. Thanks Itziar and Manuel.
by Alejandro Marí Escalera

Itziar wedding in ibiza

Bride dresses herself. Itziar wedding

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White Wedding in Ibiza. Alberto & Isabel

28 May 2013 - WEDDING - Comments -

Funny and endearing white wedding in Ibiza of Isabel and Alberto. These photographs are a small example of the magic moments of that special day. In Photographers Ibiza we enjoyed with a boyfriends so given, because for a professional photographer complicity with the groom and the bride is essential in order to create with the light, some wonderful memories for posterity. Thanks to Isabel and Alberto for giving us the opportunity to live with them that day.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera.

White Weding in Ibiza beach

Isabel and Alberto with their car in front of the Church of San Rafael, Ibiza

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Fotografías de la Boda en Ibiza de Anto y José

22 May 2013 - WEDDING - Comments -

Realizar el Reportaje Fotográfico de la Boda de Anto y José en Ibiza fue desde el princípio un lujo y una gran diversión. Para un fotógrafo profesional como yo, que ha realizado muchos reportajes y que busca siempre una complicidad especial con los novios, no es fácil sorprenderse, pero la simpatía que Anto y José mantuvieron todo el día lo lograron, y se vió plasmada en las fotografías que tuve el placer conseguir. En la iglesia de San Rafael, en la playa de Cala Compte y en el Restaurante La Casita de Cala Llonga disfrutamos de un día maravilloso. Las Bodas son eventos tan especiales que parace que pase lo que pases siempre todo fluye y la felicidad está siempre presente. 

Por Alejandro Marí Escalera (

Boda en Ibiza Fotógrafo Alejandro Marí Escalera-3
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