Retratos Fotográficos de Estudio en Ibiza. Natalia Recuenco

17 April 2018 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Exterior portrait photo shoot for flamenco dancer Natalia Recuenco. A magnificent dancer and also a great person. In this photo shoot in Ibiza we used a mixture of natural and artificial lights to create this special atmosphere. Natalia shows us her style and elegance in these photographs, with a great plasticity and strength in her movements and her look. For a photographer of portraits in Ibiza to take advantage of the locations and the landscapes that gives us the island is a great stimulus to take the equipment and the creativity out of the study. In the next post I will include photographs of the studio shooting that we made in my photography studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Thank you. Alejandro Marí Escalera IBIZA PHOTO STUDIO 

Alejandro Mari Escalera fotografo profesional en Ibiza

Retrato fotográfico profesional en Ibiza de Natalia Recuenco

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Photographic portraits of Roxana Mouriño. Photographer of portraits in Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera

23 May 2017 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

The photo shoot of the professional guitarist and vocalist Roxana Mouriño gave much of himself, being able to enjoy his sympathy, in addition to some notes played masterfully. The photography of artists in Ibiza, in this case musicians, is always a challenge and the temptation to go outside to photograph. On this occasion, we decided on a photo session in the studio of Santa Eulalia del Rio, where tranquility and control of light, allows us to shape the image to our liking.

It is a privilege for a professional photographer in Ibiza photograph in the etudio artists as this great guitarist of Galician origin, sweet voice and subtle and elegant touch, whose personal versions of well-known songs are so original and special as its own extraordinary songs.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza portrait photographer. 

Roxana Mouriño professional guitar and voice for events and weddings

Roxana Mouriño professional portraits by Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

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Ibiza photo portraits of the writer and University professor of Philosophy Llanos Lozano

06 November 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Working as a professional portrait photographer in Ibiza has allowed me to meet interesting people as magnificent as University professor of Philosophy Llanos Lozano. A person who leaves a mark on everyone who had the pleasure of sharing with her moments of life. From his deep intelligence and wisdom, always imbued with great strength and passion, Llanos Lozano has known, from a humanist thought, teach those around her to discourse critically, always bearing in mind the great love for thought, and for others . These pictures I had the pleasure perform in the last residence of Llanos Lozano before his death, along with the writer Helena Alvarado (Nora Albert) in a joint project that will soon be completed. Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Retrato fotografico en Ibiza Llanos Lozano

Uno de los retratos fotográficos que tuve el placer de realizar de Llanos Lozano

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Ibiza photographic portraits for artists Anneliese Wit and Rafael Tur Costa

21 August 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Photographing about artists that I admire a lot becomes an complexly pleasant experience. How to get the creativity of Rafael Tur Costa and Anneliese Witt may splash the pictures I realized them in their studies in their home in Jesus ?. That's something I do not know if I got, but it took me enormous satisfaction to hear from the lips of Analisse, with the sweetness that characterizes her "Thank you Alejandro, we love the pictures, no one had photographed so well" .

These photographs accompany one interesnte Anneliese project and Tur Costa for creating next to his house, designed in its day by renowned architect Erwin Broner, a gallery / museum with the works of both. For a photographer in Ibiza, to photograph artists of the stature of these two behemoths modest in a framework of this kind becomes an enormously enriching photographic and personal experience. Thank you very much Anneliese and Rafael. Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera.

TUR COSTA y ANNELIESE WITT by photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

Portrait of couple Anneliese Wit and Costa Tur Ibiza. Photography Alejandro Marí Escalera

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Photographic portraits of Leah Schultz in Ibiza. Cover and Reporting of Gidona Magazine.

21 July 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

The Gidona Magazine cover carries one of the photographic portraits LEA MARTINEZ (Dj Leah Schultz) I had the pleasure of performing in my photography studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. The cover photo is part of photo shoot and interview the magazine devotes the magnificent Catalan Dj based in Ibiza, part, with GSAIS, the musical Tamden THE LOVERS. Alejandro Marí Escalera

Photo shoot in Ibiza Dj Lea Martinez by Alejandro Marí Escalera

Photos of Lea Martinez photographed in the studio photograph of Alejandro Marí Escalera in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza

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Portrait photography studio "Ibiza Photographers" in Santa Eulalia. Eva Cobo Hidalgo pictures

29 June 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Long I wanted to share some pictures of the photographic portrait session I had the pleasure of performing in my studio in Ibiza (76 San Jaime Street, Santa Eulalia) with Eva Cobo Hidalgo. Eva portraits give us conflicting emotions; serenity and firmness sometimes and other times delicate sensibility from which hovers the ancestral fear of the unknown, but in both cases are tinged with that enigmatic look that conveys the disturbing doubt that when we look a bit inside, and assails us overwhelms us. A photographic portrait tells us things about the portrayed, also about the photographer, and ourselves as spectators person besides talk about about society and cultures where these three characters are involved besides many other things. Coming soon here I will discuss different levels of reading and interpreting a photograph and of course, your opinion will enrich greatly. Thank you. Alejandro Marí Escalera

Portrait photographer in Ibiza Alejandro Mari Escalera

Portrait photography Eva Cobo in my photo studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Baby Photography in Ibiza. The gaze of José Antonio

05 November 2014 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Hello, my name is Jose Antonio. few days ago, Susan, that's my mom, and Vanessa, who is my aunt, they took me to the Photo Studio in Ibiza photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera (I say this by rote because I have been told to say that, but I do not know what it is)  This photographer makes photographic portraits and baby photos in Santa Eulalia (also i don't know what it is) the matter is that at first I was a little scared, all full of rare photos and many lights, but then they put me in a very comfortable basket with squishy cushions and I started to feel more at ease.  The photographer looked a bit weird with a mustache and a black photo camera (I know what it is because I've been told) making noise, but when pulled out some stuffed animals and toys,  he began to like best, and pose for photo at the end I found very funny. Here I show you some of the pictures I hope you like it, my mom have liked it very much and my aunt too, so they are all day showing the pictures to their friends These mommies! I think they do that because they love me so much, hehehe. By Mari Alejandro Escalera

Babies photography in ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera
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Photographic portrait in the Studio Ibiza Photographers with Dj Leah Schultz

18 August 2014 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

In the photo studio Ibiza Photographers this week we have received the visit of the magnificent Dj Leah Schultz to order a photographic report portraits for his new promotion. The photo shoot was really fun because Leah holds great creativity and sympathy also in the photo studio, away from the dance floor. For a photographer to Ibiza to take part in the promotion of artists and musicians that makes Ibiza so special is always an interesting challenge and personality of those portrayed also allows us to grow creatively. In this production we also enlist the help of Dj GSeis forming with DJ Leah Schultz musical tandem The Lovers. For advertising of our clients we create photographs that highlight remaining faithful to their personality and tastes. In the photograph for commercial advertising in Ibiza is necessary be distinguished whith quality and considering the aesthetic criteria of each person. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographer.

Ibiza photographer

Photo Shoot Dj Leah Schultz in Ibiza

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