Architecture and Interior in Villa Frasesch, Ibiza. Photo Shot for advertising.

16th April 2019 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

The advertising photographic report of this wonderfull Villa, situated in Cala San Vicente in Ibiza island, has been a real privilege. An architecture photographer in Ibiza enjoys doing his job whenever conditions are appropriate. This time the magnificent arrangement homeowners who beautifully decorated home, joined a wonderful sunny and bright day. Both the great outdoors, with pool, gardens and terraces; as its spacious interiors including 6 magnificent bedrooms and their bathrooms are tastefully created. The house is an impressive ibicenca house, thick walls hardened by time, memories of a rural past, but has been restored elegant and modern way. For a photographer from Ibiza, join a passion for photography so the weakness ancestral, merge to create this photo shoot from which these images are a small sample. By Alejandro Mari Escalera. Photographs Ibiza Professional Studio.

Photographys Villa in Ibiza

Frasesch House, luxury villa. Photographs Ibiza Studio

Detail of decoration Frasesch Villa in Ibiza

Pool sunset in Casa Frasesch.

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Photos interior and architecture in Apartment in Ibiza. Photographs Ibiza Studio

28th April 2016 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

In this photo shoot interior design and decoration for commercial advertising you can see photographs of the interiors and terraces with views this gorgeous apartment in the area of Marina Botafoch Ibiza. For a professional photographer in Ibiza it is always a privilege to photograph villas, houses and apartments with this exquisite light that the island gives us. This time, the photographs in this great apartment could also photograph by nightfall, where the great decor and strategically placed lights create a very special atmosphere. From the Study of Photography in Santa Eulalia, we specialize in architecture and interior design reports, always trying spaces of our customers with the care and professionalism they deserve, and that allows us to take pictures as you can see here. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers.

Fotografía de la terraza del apartamento en Ibiza

Fotografía de la terraza al atardecer frente al Hotel Pacha de Ibiza

Photograph Jacuzzi on the terrace. Apartment in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

La iluminación acorde con un estilo moderno y acogedor en esta fotografía del apartamento en Ibiza

professional photography of the interior and the terrace of the apartment in Ibiza

inside photo in whitte and blue

Ibiza photo studio for inside photography

architectural detail of the terrace in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

spacious and comfortable terrace

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Advertising photographer Apartments Oasis Sa Tanca in Calallonga, Ibiza

20th May 2015 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

I invite you to see some photographs of advertising photo shoot for Oasis Apartments Ibiza in Cala Llonga in the municipality of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. A nice place to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the beach, enjoying one of the wide beaches of fine sand and clear water that Ibiza offers us. The tourism company SERVITUR IBIZA, makes us an interesting new proposals for our holiday in Santa Eulalia. These recently restored apartments which are run by Monica, provide comfort and quiet spaces just a few meters from the beach. These photographs of interiors in Ibiza allow us to appreciate warmth of the light that characterizes the Mediterranean islands and for creative and artistic photographer always will help shape the spaces photographed for client satisfaction. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers Studio.

Fotografía de apartamentos en ibiza. Oasis Sa Tanca

Panoramic photography in Ibiza

Apartments pool photography

Photographer interior and decor in Ibiza. Oasis apartments

Photography Pool Apartaments in Ibiza Oasis. Ibiza Photographers Studio

Cala Llonga beach photography

Professional Photography Oasis Apartments in Ibiza

Photography for apartments and Hotels in Ibiza

Photography studio in Ibiza villas and apartments.

Interior business photography. Ibiza apartments Oasis

Photograph of one of the terraces of the apartments

Photography Pub in Apartments Oasis Sa Tanca

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New photo shoot Interior and Decor in La Maison Blanche. Studio photographers Ibiza of Alejandro Marí Escalera

19th May 2015 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

The new pictures of the beautiful decoration shop La Maison Blanche in Santa Eulalia reflect the variety of styles of decoration, where elegance and good taste of Lebzar Aladin invite you to decorate your home bringing a touch of elegance and distinction, hard to find elsewhere. Photographers in Ibiza enjoyed the cosmopolitan environments found on our island and the Maison Blanche is one of the best examples of this mixture of tastes varied and enrichers. Interior photography at the Maison Blanche in Ibiza allows, in the same place, find different atmospheres, each with its particular beauty. Photographer in Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Advertising photography of the decor tent in Ibiza La Maison Blanche

Interior Photography in Ibiza for Maison Blanche

Interior detail photo

Aladin Lebzar interior photo in Ibiza

Elegance in photographic details of the Maison Blanche

Lamps and details in the interior of La Maison Blanche

Photography of outdoors for advertising in Ibiza. La Maison Blanche

Glamour and elegance in the photos of La Maison Blanche

Photo interior advertising in Ibiza

Professional photoshoot in Ibiza. La Maison Blanche decor

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Photographer of Architecture, Design and Advertising Marina Playa Apartments. San Antonio, Ibiza

03rd July 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

Represent company ServiturIbiza as a professional photographer is a huge satisfaction and it becomes each time in a new and interesting experience. Here you can see an example of the advertising photography for the Marina Playa Apartments in San Antonio, Ibiza. A recreated space for the enjoyment and comfort of their customers, facing the sea with spectacular views of the bay. Photograph of tourist facilities, both interior and decoration such as architecture, becomes a satisfactory task when things are done by people who work with professionality and love for what they do. By Alejandro Marí Escalera

Panoramic photograph of the Marina Playa Apartments in Ibiza, Spain

Balinese beds for clients at sunset

Studio Ibiza Photographers. The details and lighting are our advantage

Detail of the toilets in the reception of the Marina Playa Apartments in Ibiza

Photography interior decoration and apartments

Detail of the decoration of the apartments

fotografia de los interiores de los apartamentos

Rosa on beds apartments Beach Marina in ibiza

The sea from the terrace of the room

Cocktails in the pool in ibiza holidays

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Photographer Interior and Decor for Hotel Grupotel Oasis in Portinatx Ibiza

01st April 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

For a professional photographer undertake a job nature of advertising, such as photographing the new rooms at Hotel Grupotel Oasis in Portinatx, northern Ibiza, is a exciting challenge. You have to get transmit on two dimensional space, the amplitude, comfort, light, and all those values ​​and features that will make witness what later we will find there. The photographer has to be the visitor's future eyes, and to put it in place, when photographing the scene. In Ibiza Photographers we are always in that line of working. Thanks to the facilities and good treatment of the Direction team, with Michelle and Cati managing and slopes of details, we could create these photographs that we hope shows the comfort of the new rooms at Hotel Grupotel Oasis in Ibiza Island. By Mari Alejandro Escalera.

Ibiza photographers for Hotel Grupotel Ibiza

Panoramic photograph for Grupotel Oasis in Ibiza

Decor photography interior

Detail Interior. Elegant Finishes

Detail decoration Rooms Hotel Grupotel Oasis Ibiza

Hotel by the sea in Ibiza. Ibiza Photographers

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Interior and Architecture Photography La Maisson Blanche. Ibiza

25th March 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

La Maisson Blanche is a visual delight for a professional photographer for Interior Design and Architecture. In Ibiza, and almost reaching the lovely village of Santa Eulalia, Lebzar Aladin has created this gorgeous space for decor lovers. With exquisite taste and with an ample variety of styles, this wonderful store design and decoration was one of the last photo reports I've done in this area of photography of indoor and outdoor for advertising. In its two levels and in the annexed spaces we can find amazing details for lovers of good living, elegance and comfort. Outdoor we will enjoy from this summer, a drink or refreshment while enjoying its terraces and gardens while we admire the attractive décor in a friendly atmosphere. In the Studio Ibiza Photographs we enjoyed photographing such a beautiful place full of nooks and decorative objects that test our skills as professionals while delights our senses. We recommend visiting La Maisson Blanche sure to find something that surprises you. by Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Outer Photography Store Decorating The Maisson Blanche

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Photographers Ibiza. Pictures of Casa Riera in Ibiza

19th February 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

In Ibiza we find gorgeous houses and villas in wonderful places. For a professional photographer to receive an order to photograph one of these houses is always a delight, its spaces, its corners, comforts and luxuries are attractive for our camera. In this case, again working for Servitur Ibiza Hotels (As always, a pleasure), photographing Toni's house, near Santa Eulalia del Rio We started the morning session by taking advantage the nuances of light on the building, the pool and its splendid natural surroundings and and the interior decoration. At dusk we moved by Night and treachery we find the best pictures, using the light of the house and supported by our Elinchrom lighting equipment, which always reach where we have to. These photos are a sample of our work in this great Ibiza Villa. By Alejandro Marí Escalera

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Photographs of Marina Playa Apartments in Ibiza

23rd January 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

Working as a photographer of architecture and interior design with Servitur Ibiza Hotels is always a privilege, given good treatment and professional dedication they put into everything they do. This time we photographed the new decoration of the rooms of the Marina Playa Apartments in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza, place that are reshaping exquisitely with a really attractive decoration.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer (

Elegant and comfortable apartments in San Antonio, Ibiza, on the beach. Photographers Ibiza production.

Detail of decoration. Photography seafront apartments

Photographs of rooms beachfront of San Antonio in Ibiza.

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Photography Villas ibiza

25th May 2013 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

Fotó A pleasure to return to make a photographic reportage of architecture and interior design of houses in Ibiza for Pepa Roig , one of the best real estate in Ibiza. For a professional photographer, one of the most important things when developing a photoshoot of these features is the possibility to work freely and with order and organization and, as usual, prepares the details and spaces as if of their own house, and that way they allow us to obtain the best pictures. Thank you.

By Alejandro Mari Escalera (

Fotografía de Casas y Villas en Ibiza. Detalle de la piscina

Fotografía del Interior. Cocina moderna en Ibiza

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