Fashion photography in Ibiza. Amanoarte collection. Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

20 May 2017 - FASHION - Comments -

For a fashion photographer in Ibiza, the magic of this island, with its enclaves, landscapes and this wonderful light, is a real gift. If you also work with two splendid models and with such a charming team, the work becomes a blessing. It has been a real pleasure and privilege photography the Ibiza model Laura-Jane and model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares that astonish by its beauty, plasticity when dressing, and its enormous heart that overflows with sympathy.

A professional photographer in Ibiza should be surrounded by a good team, and in this case working with the experienced makeup artist Giusi Ferrato and the assistant photographer Beatrice, made the result considerably improved.

This time I had the great pleasure of photographing the fashion of Amanoarte, who works with the indigenous people of Mexico, creating a 100% fair trade favoring the integration and development of the indigenous communities, making it possible for their art and legacy to remain independent. Fashion of roots, mystical, ethical and organic.

Thanks to Itzel Navarro, who has done it possible, and is promoting and distributing these excellent garments, transformed into art, in Spain and soon, from the new website will be accessible throughout Europe.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographers Ibiza Studio

Fashion photo ibiza

Fashion shooting in Ibiza. Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

Fashion photographer ibiza

Laura-Jane model. Photo by Alejandro Marí Escalera

Professional photographer ibiza

Fashion Shooting fashion, in ibiza for Amanoarte with the model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares. Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

Fotografo de Moda Ibiza Alejandro Mari

Amanoarte fashion photography in Ibiza

fashion shooting formentera

Model Clara Fernandez-Llamazares

fashion shooting photographer

fashion photo studio in santa eulalia

photo studio ibiza

Photography by 

special photographer ibiza

Fashion shooting on the beach for Amanoarte

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CASTING FOR ADVERTISING AND FASHION MODELS. Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers

07 September 2016 - FASHION - Comments -

CASTING for fashion and advertising. We are looking for models for fashion photo shoot and photo shoot for advertising in Ibiza. Girls and guys aged 18 to 35 years. Paid jobs (Residents in the Pitiusas or are in Ibiza during the months of September-October). Interested send proposal (Curriculum and description) with link and / or photo book to
Thank you. 

Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

Publicidad Facebook Casting Moda B
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Fashion photo shoot in Ibiza

03 September 2016 - FASHION - Comments -

Here you can see some of the pictures for the fashion book in Ibiza of Gonzalo. Gonzalo Fernández is a multifaceted and sculptural model that was giving us scenes and expressions that dazzled to the camera, in the seascapes of our beaches of Santa Eulalia. As a fashion photographer in Ibiza, working with models that bring us so magnificently his great personality and his style is a joy, making each scene will become an exciting new photographic experience. For this photo shoot in Ibiza I counted with an assistant luxury photographer, my friend Mac Ragasa, whose contribution was essential for these pictures. Alejandro Marí Escalera

GONZALO BOOK Fotografos ibiza Alejandro Mari (6 de 10)

Gonzalo por Alejandro Marí Escalera fotografo ibiza

Ibiza photo book gonzalo

Photo Model photography in Ibiza beach

Fashion photographer in ibiza

La elegancia de Gonzalo luciendo magníficamente el vestuario para esta fotografía de moda en Ibiza

Fashion photoshoot in ibiza beach

Reportaje fotográfico del modelo Gonzalo en la playa

GONZALO BOOK Fotografos ibiza Alejandro Mari (2 de 10)

Estudio de fotografía en Ibiza trabajando en exteriores

Alejandro ibiza photograph
couples photographer in ibiza
Gonzalo retrato fotografico profesional en ibiza

Contraste entre la piel y la roca en este retrato del Book de Gonzalo en la playa

scord photographer in ibiza

En nuestro Estudio de fotografía es un privilegio trabajar para modelos tan expresivos

photography models ibiza

En el retrato fotográfico la mirada del modelo imprime caracter a la fotografía

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Laura Ferrer Model in Ibiza

16 July 2013 - FASHION - Comments -

For a professional fashion photographer in Ibiza tempted going out shooting outdoors is a natural thing considering the splendid light and the magnificent landscapes that the island possesses and which allows you to take stunning pictures, but sometimes take advantage of home interiors in ibiza allows us to to emphasize the qualities of the clothes or the models, controlling light with a precision that otherwise would be difficult.

Both in Books for models and reports for fashion designers, the personality and character of the model are very important for the photographer gets his photographs to transmit emotions that reach the viewer either an agency, a magazine or any other media. I had the pleasure of working again with model Laura Ferrer, who, as you can see, she knew to show the best of herself to achieve these formidable images.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera

Fotografo Book Moda Ibiza Modelo Laura Ferrer (2 de 4)
Fotografo Book Moda Ibiza Modelo Laura Ferrer (1 de 4)
Fotografo Book Moda Ibiza Modelo Laura Ferrer (3 de 4)
Fotografo Book Moda Ibiza Modelo Laura Ferrer (4 de 4)
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Fashion photographer in Ibiza whith Cristina San Juan

25 April 2013 - FASHION - Comments -

For a fashion photographer is a privilege working with good models. In this case the fashion photo shoot carried out in Ibiza with model Cristina San Juan was a real photographic pleasure. Stylish Clothing Boutique Ibiza and invaluable work of Andrea Fresneda makeup. The sympathy and delicacy of Cristina San Juan contrast with the strength of the look, mix of seduction and ingenuity. The location was magnificent, great Cas Gasi agritourism, located in the heart of Ibiza. By Alejandro Marí Escalera

Fotografos Ibiza Moda Books
Fotografos Ibiza Moda Books-2
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