Laura Ferrer Model in Ibiza

16th July 2013 - FASHION - Comments -

For a professional fashion photographer in Ibiza tempted going out shooting outdoors is a natural thing considering the splendid light and the magnificent landscapes that the island possesses and which allows you to take stunning pictures, but sometimes take advantage of home interiors in ibiza allows us to to emphasize the qualities of the clothes or the models, controlling light with a precision that otherwise would be difficult.

Both in Books for models and reports for fashion designers, the personality and character of the model are very important for the photographer gets his photographs to transmit emotions that reach the viewer either an agency, a magazine or any other media. I had the pleasure of working again with model Laura Ferrer, who, as you can see, she knew to show the best of herself to achieve these formidable images.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera

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