New photo shoot Interior and Decor in La Maison Blanche. Studio photographers Ibiza of Alejandro Marí Escalera

19th May 2015 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

The new pictures of the beautiful decoration shop La Maison Blanche in Santa Eulalia reflect the variety of styles of decoration, where elegance and good taste of Lebzar Aladin invite you to decorate your home bringing a touch of elegance and distinction, hard to find elsewhere. Photographers in Ibiza enjoyed the cosmopolitan environments found on our island and the Maison Blanche is one of the best examples of this mixture of tastes varied and enrichers. Interior photography at the Maison Blanche in Ibiza allows, in the same place, find different atmospheres, each with its particular beauty. Photographer in Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Advertising photography of the decor tent in Ibiza La Maison Blanche

Interior Photography in Ibiza for Maison Blanche

Interior detail photo

Aladin Lebzar interior photo in Ibiza

Elegance in photographic details of the Maison Blanche

Lamps and details in the interior of La Maison Blanche

Photography of outdoors for advertising in Ibiza. La Maison Blanche

Glamour and elegance in the photos of La Maison Blanche

Photo interior advertising in Ibiza

Professional photoshoot in Ibiza. La Maison Blanche decor

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