Photo Shooting Post wedding on Ibiza beach. Ibiza photographer.

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(Post wedding photo shooting in Ibiza)The Post Wedding Report of Tania and José Carlos in Ibiza was a precious gift from their friends and a nice gift also for me. As a professional photographer in Ibiza, I use to live special moments on the beaches and magical places of the island. Once again, the sympathy and generosity of these bride and groom from Madrid who enjoy this photo shoot on one of the magnificent beaches of Ibiza at dawn, With a radiant sun awakening with sympathy and strength on the horizon, a calm sea that cradled the newlyweds and a golden sand, warm and pleasant. These photographs are a small sample of the fun moments of these boyfriends who chose Ibiza to have these memories of a unique and special day.

Alejandro Marí Escalera wedding photographer in Ibiza.

Photographic studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza.

Beautiful moment of the bride and groom at dawn on the beaches of Ibiza.

Photograph post wedding report in ibiza at sunrise.

Silhouette of the bride and groom at sunrise or sunset in Ibiza is always a beautiful image. Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

Funny moment of Tania and Jose Carlos on the beach

Photograph of the bride and groom on the sand

Photography of the bride and groom. Kiss at sunrise on Ibiza beach

Tania and José Carlos in their photographic report on a beautiful Ibiza beach

Reportaje fotográfico en la Playa. Tania y José Carlos diversión en el mar

Photography of weddings and post weddings in Ibiza. Photograph of the bride and groom on the beach

Photo session on the beach of santa eulalia del rio. Beautiful moments

Tania and José Carlos on the beach. 

Photo of Tania dressed in white on the beach

The beautiful light of Ibiza illuminates the smile of Tania

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