Photographic portraits of Roxana Mouriño. Photographer of portraits in Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera

23rd May 2017 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

The photo shoot of the professional guitarist and vocalist Roxana Mouriño gave much of himself, being able to enjoy his sympathy, in addition to some notes played masterfully. The photography of artists in Ibiza, in this case musicians, is always a challenge and the temptation to go outside to photograph. On this occasion, we decided on a photo session in the studio of Santa Eulalia del Rio, where tranquility and control of light, allows us to shape the image to our liking.

It is a privilege for a professional photographer in Ibiza photograph in the etudio artists as this great guitarist of Galician origin, sweet voice and subtle and elegant touch, whose personal versions of well-known songs are so original and special as its own extraordinary songs.

Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza portrait photographer. 

Roxana Mouriño professional portraits by Alejandro Marí Escalera photographer

Roxana Mouriño posando con sus tres niñás favoritas

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Formentera best guitar player 

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