Wedding in Ibiza. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Professional Photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera

31st December 2016 - WEDDING - Comments -

For a professional wedding photographer in Ibiza to photograph such a nice and fun partner like Elia and Tomeu, is all a gift, if that's you add the luxury of reportage in Ibiza, in a wonderful summer day in the Ibiza iconic castle in the capitluar room of City hall, and later, at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, then you can not fail to smile and give everything to make photographs that do justice to such splendor.

Wedding Elia and Tomeu in Ibiza was beautiful and fun, according to the personality of the couple who lavished sympathy throughout the day. I want to thank Elia and Tomeu, having trusted me to make their wedding report, and I hope happiness will always accompany them on the way. Alejandro Marí Escalera. Photography Studio Ibiza Photographers.

Wedding bride photography

the bride finishes getting ready for wedding

wedding ibiza fashion

preparing for her wedding in Ibiza

Boda Elia y Tomeu

fotografía del padre de la novia entregándole el ramo

fotos de novia en ibiza

La novia lista para su boda en Ibiza

wedding in ibiza

Boda de Elia y Tomeu en la Sala Capitular del Ayuntamiento de ibiza. Un lugar realmente especial para una boda

wedding kiss

Just married kiss

ibiza special wedding

Elia hugged by one of her bridesmaids

tradicional wedding ibiza

The bride and groom at the exit of the council with traditional music and dance of Ibiza

ibiza wedding photographer

The always cheerful and friendly, Elia and Tomeu. Studio photographers Ibiza

Besto ibiza photographer

Ibiza wedding photo

funny wedding photography in ibiza

Special wedding in Ibiza

Elia and Tomeu wedding in Ibiza

La Novia tan guapa con su ramo y su vestido

special photographer for weddings in Ibiza

Funny Wedding Photography in Ibiza

The best photographer in Ibiza

Photography of brides in Ibiza. Alejandro Mari Escalera Ibiza photographer

Ibiza best photo

Ibiza best wedding photo

Boda Elia y Tomeu

Momento especial 

Wedding in Formentera

Intim moment in Elia and Tomeu wedding in Ibiza

Boda Elia y Tomeu

La felicidad del novio delante de la Catedral de Ibiza

Boda en la Catedral de Ibiza

El simpático baile de Elia y Tomey el día de su Boda

married in ibiza

Ella happiness, dancing on the walls of Castle of Ibiza

Wedding in Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel

Detail Wedding Ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Boda Elia y Tomeu tarta

Detalle de la tarta 

Boda Elia y Tomeu

El siempre divertido Tomeu

Fotografo de Bodas en el Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel

Elia y Tomeu fotografiados en el Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel

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