Wedding of Veronica and Quique in Ibiza

25 January 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

How wonderful the wedding of Veronica and Quique in Ibiza! When Veronica and Quique came to visit me from Formentera they were looking for a professional photographer for their wedding in Ibiza, I was struck by the contrast between his seriousness as clients (they knew what they wanted, they wanted something special and were to be picky) and sympathy and kindness as people (happy, sensitive and polite). We set out to detail we plan the wedding day, but also a prewedding photo shoot in the beautiful beaches of Formentera (I'll put those pictures in another post).

The wedding day dawned splendid light and colors and gave us some wonderful pictures of the bride and groom preparing for the ceremony. Following the emotive ceremony the evening discovered us photographing intimate moments of Vero and Quique in in the river of Santa Eulalia and getting dark already under the arches of the church they gave me this kiss to my collection of favorite photographs.

Here is a sampling of the photos I had the great pleasure and privilege to be able to capture with my camera the day of the Wedding of Vero and Quique, but for me the most important thing is to have been able to spend with them that special day. More than pictures, I take wonderful sensations. By Mari Alejandro Escalera.


Ibiza Wedding of Veronica and Quique. Placing the veil


Veronica and Quique wedding in Ibiza. The bride at home

Wedding day photography Ibiza

Kiss on the bridge of Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Picture of Veronica and Quique their wedding day


Quique and Veronica. Kiss under the arches of the church d'es Puig de Missa in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza on their Wedding

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