Workshops and photography talks for children in Ibiza. Santa Gertrudis College.

05 June 2017 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -

This week, among other activities, I have had the privilege of teaching  two photography workshop for sixth-graders at Santa Gertrudis School in Ibiza. Great students, applied, receptive and with an exquisite curiosity and education, guided by the excellent management team of the school and its teachers Neus and Albert, always favoring a teaching based on the creativity and the confidence and participation of its students. Thanks to Nica Seeleva for promoting these meetings framed in their cycle of workshops and conferences of art and culture for children. Alejandro Marí Escalera ibiza photographer. 

Cursos fotografia ibiza niños alejandro mari escalera

El fotógrafo Alejandro Marí Escalera durante el Taller de fotografía en el Colegio de Santa Gertrudis. Fotografía de Neus

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