Baby Photography in Ibiza. The gaze of José Antonio

05 November 2014 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Hello, my name is Jose Antonio. few days ago, Susan, that's my mom, and Vanessa, who is my aunt, they took me to the Photo Studio in Ibiza photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera (I say this by rote because I have been told to say that, but I do not know what it is)  This photographer makes photographic portraits and baby photos in Santa Eulalia (also i don't know what it is) the matter is that at first I was a little scared, all full of rare photos and many lights, but then they put me in a very comfortable basket with squishy cushions and I started to feel more at ease.  The photographer looked a bit weird with a mustache and a black photo camera (I know what it is because I've been told) making noise, but when pulled out some stuffed animals and toys,  he began to like best, and pose for photo at the end I found very funny. Here I show you some of the pictures I hope you like it, my mom have liked it very much and my aunt too, so they are all day showing the pictures to their friends These mommies! I think they do that because they love me so much, hehehe. By Mari Alejandro Escalera

Babies photography in ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera
Photo Babies Ibiza

Photographic portrait of babies. José Antonio in Photo Studio in Ibiza

Photo baby in Ibiza

Baby Photography in Photo Studio in Santa Eulalia

Photo Studio Ibiza
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