Jury of the National Photography Prize Piedad Isla from the Council of Palencia. Award Chema Madoz

07 November 2014 - AWARDS - Comments -

IBIZA PHOTOGRAPHERS STUDIO. I have had the pleasure and privilege of being part of the jury of V NATIONAL AWARD PHOTOGRAPHY PIEDAD ISLA granting the Council of Palencia and has fallen on the great photographer CHEMA MADOZ. I again the nice responsibility of representing the Association of Professional Photographers of Spain AFPE as fellow jurors have had the equally brilliant and charming photographer Isabel Hernandez Steva COLITA, photographer César Blasco (FEPFI), the President of the County Council, José María Hernández, deputy delegate of the Culture, Carmen Fernández Caballero, provincial deputies, Gonzalo Mota and Jesus Guerrero, the representative of Piedad Isla Foundation, Vicente Fernandez Merino, the head of the Culture, Rafael Martinez and secretary thereof, José Luis Abia. CHEMA MADOZ Congratulations for your excellent work recognized in this award! By Alejandro Marí Escalera www.fotografosibiza.com

Jury National Photography Award Alejandro Mari Escalera ibiza photographer

Components jury V National Photography Prize Piedad Isla. www.fotografosibiza.com


Diputación de Palencia

Jury V NATIONAL AWARD FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 2014 Alejandro Marí Escalera ibiza photography

Jury of Piedad Isla Photography Priza

Chema Madoz by Paco Sánchez fotografos ibiza

Chema Madoz fotografiado by Paco Sánchez

Chema Madoz photography blog ibiza photographers studio

One of the magnificent photographs by the brilliant photographer Chema Madoz

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