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Event Photographer in Ibiza. The Congress of the major insurance company leader in Italy Arcavita Arca Assigurazioni was held at the Hotel Grand Palladium Pallace Ibiza. During the Event photo shoot I focused on the main speakers broken down the past, present and future of one of the most powerful insurance companies of the Mediterranean market. Its president, Favio Cherchia, explained sympathetically but forcefully the projection of the company to the new year. I also enjoyed photographing Giovanni Vernia, one of the most famous comedians of Italian TV that entertained the event, providing an interesting and fun approach to business and humor. Be aware of any detail is important for a professional photographer to cover an event time. Ibiza was the place chosen by Arcavita to this meeting which ended with the awards and trophies to people, most noted for the different areas of the company during the last year in Italy. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer.

Photograph events ibiza

Photoshot Ibiza Congress Arcavita

Congreso en Ibiza Arcavita

Pantallas de vídeo en el salón del Congreso Arcavita

Ibiza congress photograph

Photography of Federico Corradini conference at the Congress of Ibiza

Fotografos Evento en Ibiza -2-2
Photographer event ibiza

Congress Arcavita in Ibiza Grand Hotel Palladium

Photograph event ibiza

Speech by President Fabio Cerchiai during the congress in ibiza

video conference room

Technical team responsible for the visual and audio details of the conference room

Fotografos Evento en Ibiza -3
Photograph congress

Photographs of the exterior of the Hotel Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza

Ibiza event photograph

Fabrizio Panicco his presentation during the conference hall of Hotel Grand Palladium Ibiza

Fotografos Evento en Ibiza -5-2
Giovanni Vernia photo ibiza

Giovanni Vernia in Congress Arcavita in Ibiza

Photographer in awards

Awards at the congress Arcavita in ibiza

events in ibiza

Photographs of the event in ibiza

Fotografos Evento en Ibiza -9
Winners in ibiza

Some of the winners at the Congress of Ibiza

Fotografos Evento en Ibiza -11
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