Jury and Photo Workshop in the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen

10 July 2014 - PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - Comments -

A huge privilege to participate in the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen in Morocco. In the past June I went to Chefchaouen invited by the organization to become part of festival jury and also impart a Workshop lighting in photography, titled "From portrait to fashion, light." In the Jury, I had the great pleasure of sharing responsibility with Saleh Alustad from United Arab Emirates, president of the Union of Arab Photographers alma mater of the Festival, Juan Mariscal López, photographer of Cadiz, Mustapha Derouich of the University  Mohamed V of Morocco, Amor Abadah Harzallah from the Photographers Association of Tunisia and Moroccan photographer Abderrahmane Elgarh. 

After a very interesting discussion, we resolved the winning photographs were those of Robert Hale of the United States of America, awarded the first prize, the second prize went to Italian Filippo Manaresi and third prize for the Moroccan Mohamed Ali Soulimane. Great work all. Congratulations!

The Workshop "From portrait to fashion, light" I could impart in Casbara Museum and practices in the old town of Chefchaouen with the photographer Casafan. A real pleasure to teach photography to students so committed and enthusiastic, in a wonderful place, as is the ancient city of Chefchaouen. An unforgettable experience.

The great organization of the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen, already undertakes the organization of the third edition, looking to become a reference in international photography. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographers Studio.

International Festival of Photography Chefchaouen Alejandro Mari Escalera

Image of the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen, Morocco. Design: Mohamed Ali Creation

International festival photography checchaouen

International festival photography checchaouen. Awards

Alejandro Mari Escalera International festival chefchaouen

Presentation of the International Festival of Photography

International photographers chefchaouen ibiza alejandro mari escalera

Members of the Jury of the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen. Fotografosibiza.com. Design: Mohamed Ali Creation

Jury International festival photo

Jury Deliberation. Alejandro Marí Escalera and Abderrahmane Elgarh photographers. Photo Casafan.

International festival photographers

Jury of the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen. Photographers Juan Mariscal Lopez,  Alejandro Marí Escalera, Saleh Alustad, Amor Abadah Harzallah, Abderrahmane Elgarh and Mustapha Derouich. Photo Casafan.

Winners International Festival of photography ibiza

Members of the Jury of the International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen. Robert Hale 1st Prize. Design: Mohamed Ali Creation

Awards festival chefchaouen

The infographics Houda El Bekkari, collects diploma from Moulay Ahmed Belamine

Photography Awards in ibiza alejandro Mari

Awarding of diplomas and trophies in the Festival

Photography awards in Ibiza, spain

Awards at the Festival of Chefchaouen

ibiza photography courses

Photography Workshop by Alejandro Marí  Escalera (photographers Ibiza) in Chefchaouen

Fashion workshop ibiza photographer

Moments of the Photography Workshop i teach in Chefchaouen whith the fashion model Khadija Etoubi  and photographer Adel Hana from Gaza

workshop fashion photography ibiza

Lighting workshop in portrait photography and fashion in Chefchaouen with Khadija Etoubi model and photographer from Ibiza Alejandro Marí Escalera ibiza. Photo: Aziz Assaoud

Photography Course in ibiza and Chefchaouen

Photography Workshop Outside Chefchaouen Kasbah Museum. Alejandro Marí Escalera Studio Photographs Ibiza. Photo:Aziz Assaoud

photography course

Photography Workshop interiors Museum Kasbah, Chefchaouen. Photo: Joan F. Ribas

chefchaouen festival

Workshop lighting Alejandro Marí Escalera and Casafan. In the picture also Nasar, Juan Mariscal Lopez and Joan F. Ribas photographers. Photo: Mohamed Ssumou

International festival of photography in chefchaouen

Explanations of practical photography workshop with photographer Casafan in Chefchaouen. Photo: Amine Abou

Ibiza fashion photograph

Professional photographer Alejandro Marí Escalera during the Workshop in Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen festival Saleh Alustad and khadija Etoubi

Inauguration of Exhibition of International Photography Festival in Chefchaouen with the promoter Saleh Alustad and the model khadija Etoubi

Exhibition photographers morocco

Exhibition Abdu Nasser Aalauf (Nasar) with Joan Marí F. Ribas and Alejandro Escalera in the II International Festival of Photography in Chefchaouen

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