Ibiza photo portraits of the writer and University professor of Philosophy Llanos Lozano

06th November 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Working as a professional portrait photographer in Ibiza has allowed me to meet interesting people as magnificent as University professor of Philosophy Llanos Lozano. A person who leaves a mark on everyone who had the pleasure of sharing with her moments of life. From his deep intelligence and wisdom, always imbued with great strength and passion, Llanos Lozano has known, from a humanist thought, teach those around her to discourse critically, always bearing in mind the great love for thought, and for others . These pictures I had the pleasure perform in the last residence of Llanos Lozano before his death, along with the writer Helena Alvarado (Nora Albert) in a joint project that will soon be completed. Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Retrato fotografico en Ibiza Llanos Lozano

Uno de los retratos fotográficos que tuve el placer de realizar de Llanos Lozano

LLANOS LOZANO por Alejandro Marí Escalera-3

La fotografía de Retrato nos permite aproximarnos a la realidad de pensadores de la talla de Llanos Lozan. Alejandro Marí Escalera fotógrafo

LLANOS LOZANO por Alejandro Marí Escalera-1

Llanos Lozano rodeada de algunos de sus recuerdos de una vida rodeada de arte y cultura

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