Interior and Architecture Photography La Maisson Blanche. Ibiza

25th March 2014 - ARQUITECTURE & INTERIOR - Comments -

La Maisson Blanche is a visual delight for a professional photographer for Interior Design and Architecture. In Ibiza, and almost reaching the lovely village of Santa Eulalia, Lebzar Aladin has created this gorgeous space for decor lovers. With exquisite taste and with an ample variety of styles, this wonderful store design and decoration was one of the last photo reports I've done in this area of photography of indoor and outdoor for advertising. In its two levels and in the annexed spaces we can find amazing details for lovers of good living, elegance and comfort. Outdoor we will enjoy from this summer, a drink or refreshment while enjoying its terraces and gardens while we admire the attractive décor in a friendly atmosphere. In the Studio Ibiza Photographs we enjoyed photographing such a beautiful place full of nooks and decorative objects that test our skills as professionals while delights our senses. We recommend visiting La Maisson Blanche sure to find something that surprises you. by Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Outer Photography Store Decorating The Maisson Blanche

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