Photographers Ibiza. Beach Wedding, Yeleny and Juanjo.

27th March 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Being a professional photographer in Ibiza allows you to work with lovely people and wonderful places. Getting up early, deep breathing and preparing the for the wedding photographic equipment, with the illusion that you're going to participate in one of the happiest days in the life of two people, and you're going to be active witness of that joy. Yeleny and Juanjo are a sample of those couples that make you feel good from the first moment, they value your work and dedication you put it on each time. A sweet, friendly and full of personality Cuban. A northernbig boy, polished and with character, pamplonicas deep roots. nice and very friendly in dealing both. United in marriage in a magical place such as Pura Vida Ibiza, at Playa Niu Blau. That day I have the great fortune to be there with my camera, dedicated to capturing the moments, unrepeatable, special, emotional and unique, capturing for our fragile memories, those pictures that will later be more than memories, emotions and experiences that with the passing of time will water our hearts with longing and joy and that will be the sign of a dream realized and a commitment of two persons with LIFE. These images are a humble example of that day. By Alejandro Marí Escalera.

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