Photo report postboda on the Beach. Cala d'Hort Ibiza

22 April 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Studio Photographers Ibiza. After their wonderful wedding on the beach in Ibiza, Juanjo and Yeleny wanted to indulge themselves a photo shoot postboda in one of the magical spots of Ibiza. They felt attracted by the majesty of Es Vedra, both for its enigmatic beauty, like the legends and mysteries that surround it. They chose the Beach of Cala d'Hort to seal their union in front of the rock that causes much intrigue to its visitors. All photographers, professional or not, have rendered homage in any occasion with our camera to the vast stone, raised in the middle of the sea, inviting us to dream and look for an image that does justice to nature itself. In this case, I was swept away by the vehemence of Yeleny and Juanjo, I let myself carry their dreams, putting my camera, my mind and my imagination for their wishes, letting the sea and sun cradled these newlyweds, at the ever lurking look of Es Vedra. By Alejandro Marí Escalera.

Postboda Yeleny-3561
Postboda Yeleny-3483
Postboda Yeleny-3548
Postboda Yeleny-3582
Postboda Yeleny-3613
Postboda Yeleny-3619
Postboda Yeleny-3667
Postboda Yeleny-3693
Postboda Yeleny-3647
Postboda Yeleny-3731
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