Wedding in Ibiza. Lorena and Juan Carlos by te sea

08 May 2014 - WEDDING - Comments -

Studio Ibiza Photographers. Lorena and Juan Carlos always come with a friendly smile, the kind that make you feel comfortable, and you feel you are in the company of good people. We talked at length about their wedding in Ibiza, on such special details that Lorena is well thought out, and later, on wedding day, I will have the pleasure to rescue with my camera to make them real, like emotional dreams that we can then see as images.

Front of a large dedication and enthusiasm as Lorena and Juan Carlos, my answer as a professional photographer, is absolutely commit myself to their vision and make mine their ideas and emotions. In this way, get with the delicacy of a modest craftsman, but with the power of a warrior in the fight, to give way to the magical and unique moments that will happen during their wedding. They say that life gives second chances, but in this case we only have an opportunity and we will take advantage of.

I already had the pleasure of meeting Lorena, excellent student of my photography courses in the CEPA PITIUSES of Ibiza, and now, after meeting Juan Carlos and being able to share with them a special day and before and after preparation with Photo album design, I can say that I feel united to them with a special affection, I greatly appreciate the confidence and deep affection and sympathy. Best wishes to Lorena and John Carlos.

By Alejandro Marí Escalera Photographer

Wedding by the sea of Ibiza

Kiss under the sky of Ibiza

Boda en Ibiza

Lorena antes de la Boda

Preparativos Boda en Ibiza

Los preparativos de la Novia antes de la Boda. Fotografos Ibiza

Lorena y J Carlos
Lorena y J Carlos
Lorena y J Carlos
Lorena y J Carlos
Boda Lorena Y Juan Carlos en Ibiza

Boda en el Hotel Los Molinos de Ibiza

Lorena y J Carlos

Hotel Los Molinos. El arroz tras la ceremonia. Ibiza

fotografosibiza.com_Boda Ibiza

Las amigas de la novia bromeando con Juan Carlos. Fotografos Ibiza


Wedding by the sea in Hotel Los Molinos Ibiza


Lorena y Juan Carlos tan felices el día de su Boda en Ibiza


Los novios tras su boda en Ibiza

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