Photographic portrait in the Studio Ibiza Photographers with Dj Leah Schultz

18 August 2014 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

In the photo studio Ibiza Photographers this week we have received the visit of the magnificent Dj Leah Schultz to order a photographic report portraits for his new promotion. The photo shoot was really fun because Leah holds great creativity and sympathy also in the photo studio, away from the dance floor. For a photographer to Ibiza to take part in the promotion of artists and musicians that makes Ibiza so special is always an interesting challenge and personality of those portrayed also allows us to grow creatively. In this production we also enlist the help of Dj GSeis forming with DJ Leah Schultz musical tandem The Lovers. For advertising of our clients we create photographs that highlight remaining faithful to their personality and tastes. In the photograph for commercial advertising in Ibiza is necessary be distinguished whith quality and considering the aesthetic criteria of each person. By Alejandro Marí Escalera Ibiza Photographer.

Ibiza photographer

Photo Shoot Dj Leah Schultz in Ibiza

Photo Studio Dj Leah Schultz

Portrait of Dj Leah Schultz with her tattoo is her personal brand

Portrait in studio in ibiza dj leah schultz

Dj Leah Schultz Photo Portrait in Ibiza

Ibiza photo ushuaia dj

In our study Ibiza Photographers enjoyed the creativity of our models

Photo ibiza dj

Photo Studio in Ibiza

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