Portrait photography studio "Ibiza Photographers" in Santa Eulalia. Eva Cobo Hidalgo pictures

29 June 2015 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Long I wanted to share some pictures of the photographic portrait session I had the pleasure of performing in my studio in Ibiza (76 San Jaime Street, Santa Eulalia) with Eva Cobo Hidalgo. Eva portraits give us conflicting emotions; serenity and firmness sometimes and other times delicate sensibility from which hovers the ancestral fear of the unknown, but in both cases are tinged with that enigmatic look that conveys the disturbing doubt that when we look a bit inside, and assails us overwhelms us. A photographic portrait tells us things about the portrayed, also about the photographer, and ourselves as spectators person besides talk about about society and cultures where these three characters are involved besides many other things. Coming soon here I will discuss different levels of reading and interpreting a photograph and of course, your opinion will enrich greatly. Thank you. Alejandro Marí Escalera

Portrait photographer in Ibiza Alejandro Mari Escalera

Portrait photography Eva Cobo in my photo studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Professional portrait phot studio

Eva Cobo fotografiada por el fotógrafo Alejandro Marí Escalera. Retrato con caracter

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