Retratos Fotográficos de Estudio en Ibiza. Natalia Recuenco

17th April 2018 - PORTRAIT - Comments -

Exterior portrait photo shoot for flamenco dancer Natalia Recuenco. A magnificent dancer and also a great person. In this photo shoot in Ibiza we used a mixture of natural and artificial lights to create this special atmosphere. Natalia shows us her style and elegance in these photographs, with a great plasticity and strength in her movements and her look. For a photographer of portraits in Ibiza to take advantage of the locations and the landscapes that gives us the island is a great stimulus to take the equipment and the creativity out of the study. In the next post I will include photographs of the studio shooting that we made in my photography studio in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Thank you. Alejandro Marí Escalera IBIZA PHOTO STUDIO 

Retrato fotográfico profesional en Ibiza de Natalia Recuenco

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